360 Live

Share every moments of your event with the 4K video streaming in 360 far off to all your people, who should be part of it. Our 360 degree live service comes with full Facebook, YouTube and Web Embedding support.

Upto 8k Video Quality.

Live Streaming

The live streaming service comes with full fledged Facebook and YouTube support.

Supported Platforms:

Stream in 4k

We offer rich in quality video stream, so you can never miss a detail again. The process is again one of the quickest in the market, just stream and share.


VR Support

The content streamed by VRIZM, is VR ready and can be directly viewed on VR headsets. 360 Live Streaming option at VRIZM, offers real time stitching in one complete frame base.

Best viewed & Fully Compatible with Vrizm PlayVR

Take me Live