Vrizm Evolution

About Vrizm

Vrizm Innovations Pvt Ltd is dedicated towards Virtual Reality and strives to make the technology simplified and available for masses. Also, we aim to aware the population about Virtual Reality and step-up the technological advancement for the same.

Keeping the market constraints in mind, we under-go extensive R&D before launching a conceptualized product, we plan to stand out in every categories of VR Headsets available whether it a cardboard version or a box designed gear. We cater 3 products i.e. PlayVR, PocketVR and LiteVR.

Apart from selling VR Headsets, Vrizm provides other VR services like making custom VR apps, Virtual tours, Google Streetview tagging and live streaming event in 360 degrees.

When we talk about the best experience, we sum it as a journey, not only from an idea to the execution but from a vision to a new start of accomplishment. We at VRIZM believe in constructing a lively work place where offices are homes and employees are family.

Work Culture


Our innovation initiatives are guided by our Vision “Explore more, think differently, innovate it from user’s perspective.”


Collective work with 100% dedication in every aspect of challenges at VRIZM is the sole mantra of our team.


Working with honesty brings transparency in work. Transparency builds trust in each other. Trust brings up high end productivity for the organization.

Shared Understanding

A well-structured mutual understanding is the ultimate source in rising a organisation to next level. Distributive thinking works wonders.


Ever wonder where can you improve yourself? Come at VRIZM self-improvement process is always on and on.


With the advancement of organisation comes more responsibility for every individual. Our team is always zest to take up hefty responsibility.

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