Experience Zones

Visit your nearest Experience Zone to indulge into an immersive atmosphere and get entertained with a pool of VR Experiences, Games, Virtual Tours and much more.

Soon available in your City!

Simulator Based VR

A simulation VR Experience describes a diverse super-category of content, generally designed to closely simulate real world activities.

  • HTC Vive based Experiences
  • Heavy Machine Simulator Based Experiences
  • PlayStation VR based Experiences
  • Oculus Rift Based Experiences

Standalone VR

Introducing Standalone VR Experience Zones. Enjoy high quality VR anywhere you want with no cables, phone or PC and Its Portable too.

  • HTC Vive Pro based Experiences
  • Oculus Go based Experiences
  • Pimax VR based Experiences
  • Google Daydream / Samsung GearVR / Vrizm PlayVR based Experiences

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