Google’s mission to bring amazing experiences to the world

Google’s mission to bring amazing experiences to the world

Hey! You heard it right. Google’s mission to bring its implausible experiences to the world is absolutely true. Using the VR technology, Google wants you to go on a tour around the world and also dive in some of its astonishing features which you would want to fall in love with. Here are some of its new creations for you to explore:-

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality can be a fun in pocket-friendly and a simpler way using Google Cardboard which is foldable. Then get a viewer and get your VR experience with lots of viewer sorts and abundant apps, explore your VR.

Earth VR

With Earth VR, the whole world is within your reach. Take a glance and wander the astonishing marvels of the world in VR technology.

Daydream View

A smartphone VR headset, Daydream View is absolutely easy to use, weightless, particularly comforting and simple yet chic look. The headset is crafted with smooth material motivated by the clothes you love wearing to ease you. The headset material lets air pass through and also the face-pad is removable and can be hand-washed whenever you desire. It is designed in a way that it fits perfectly upon most eyeglasses.

Today, smartphones are available with built-in Daydream View. VR headset can be powered by any Daydream-ready phone.

Google VR headset is controlled by a Daydream controller. Intermingle with the virtual world similarly as you do in the actual world using the Daydream controller. The nifty sensors bestow specific motion and suave tracking. An adaptable volume button lets you amplify the VR experience.

Daydream standalone VR headsets

A newer enjoyable technologyhigh-quality VR that require no cables, phones or PC is entering shortly in the market. Here the latest technology named WorldSense is introduced where you can bend and move. WorldSense comprehends your moves without actually setting up any peripheral sensors. Simple to use awaits you to pick up everything built-in headset and jump straight into VR. Enjoy the high-quality VR at home or outside.

Daydream is associating with HTC Vive- honcho in VR and Lenovo front-runner in mobile and computing novelty to take along the VR headsets to you.

Tilt Brush

Now paint using VR technology. Paint life-size 3D brush strokes, fire, stars, and light. Look at the phenomena of a virtual palette, ink, and smoke to fire. Let loose your creativity with the probability of painting in room-size VR. You can even share your paintings as bite-sized animated GIFs or room-size VR masterpieces.


With Blocks, it is easier to create 3D models in a simpler way. With 6 great tools such as shape, stroke, paint, modify, grab and erase create models be it simple or complex in 2D with infinite potentials.

Developer tools

The most recent developer tools namely Daydream Instant Preview and Daydream Elements are extremely helpful in developing high-quality VR and within reach.

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