Mobile Headset v/s Standalone v/s PC headset

Mobile Headset v/s Standalone v/s PC headset

Choices, Alternatives, Options or even Chances, all this words have made a decent amount of space in our mind. The world heavily is inclining towards new tech everyday, it’s better to let them have their well deserved space as we evolve.

And in this race of new tech, VR has created an essential and a crucial role for the development. Now the question is how to blend in, and with what?

There are three types of gears available in the market:

Mobile Headset: A budgeted gear with ease in usage and portability. It is a headset with an empty compartment for your Smartphone. The Smartphone becomes your engine of your VR experience and also produce all the necessary sounds for the experience. This type of VR headsets uses magnetic clicker or the controller for the navigation and selecting.


Standalone Headset: A gear with in-built screen and output options. Most of the standalone headset comes with fancy controllers and customs built remote for gaming and exclusive experiences like shooting, flying, racing etc comes with a module.



PC based Headset: A PC based headset is a high performance gear with a need of highly configured PC station. It takes a lot of energy and power to run this type of a headset; they come with a lot of wires and other accessories.

All the Headsets have their own pro and cons, while the simple ones are comparatively cheap and lower in performance but gives an edge whereas standalones and the PC headsets are expensive with a power packed performance. The price range of the mobile powered headsets range from Rs. 300 to Rs.5000 whereas the standalone and the PC headset range from Rs.12000 to Rs.150000.

Thus, the VR manufacturing companies are trying to make the headsets less expensive and free of any stations, the mobile powered gears are blooming with acute deliverance of tech in the smartphone industry.

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