Pocket-friendly VR glasses built for on-the- go VR experience. Perfectly budgeted VR solution for smartphones; powered by custom made Aspherical Optical Resin lenses delivering above edge performance. Sculpted into an exemplary body to maintain durability and appeal of the product. A foldable product that fits right into your pocket for amazing portable usage. Great experience X Pocket friendly VR.

Starts from INR 299/-

Experience on-the-go

Break out from the traditional heavy boxes and try on-the-go VR gear to soothe your VR needs wherever you go. It can be easily carried in your trouser’s pocket.


The core headset supports every device from Android and iOS with a screen measure ranging from 3.5 inches to 6 inches. It also provides support with WebVR & MozVR on almost all compatible smarphones.


Extensive Customization

The product also comes with various types of customization; from different colors along with custom branding and designing over it.

Customization for Bulk Orders available in:
1. Various Colors
2. Branding / Logo
3. Packaging box
4. Description on product

Ultra Lightweight & Foldable

The device is made for the VR thirsty users who can carry the gear where so ever they go without any burden and hussle-bussle of the VR headsets. Presented out in a beautifully structured chassis that helps the product for amazing stability and portability in a minimalistic design.



Dimensions: 68*23*74 mm
Dimensions (Open): 68*74*115 mm
Weight: 78 g
Material: ABS+PC 
Lens: 42 mm Aspherical
Viewing Angle: 93 Degrees
Pupil Distance: 62 mm
Object Distance: 45 mm
Enlargement Factor: 1-2%

Fill your "Pocket" now

Fill your pocket with experience, quality & value with our ultra-lightweight & foldable PocketVR Headset.