The Sumerian Power

The Sumerian Power

After working on some really good ideas AWS (Amazon Web Services), are now working on the new beast – Amazon Sumerian. Amazon Sumerian is a project to offer the best platform for creation of AR, VR and 3D experiences. Also it is developed in such a way that users won’t need any expertise in VR/AR. So, the project directly focuses on providing public with the most user-friendly products available in the market.

The whole services will be guided by lifelike characters to help you on-the-go. The main aim of AWS is to develop the product to its best and delegate the problem solving works to the computer technology.

How it works?

  • Users upload a 3D asset to use it in their scene; asset can be any of FBX or OBJ imported.
  • Computer based assistance will help you through your creation by using custom character-cartoon.
  • The editing of the scene can be directly done into Sumerian’s visual editor or JavaScript editor defining the working logic.
  • Later the complete scene can be share via media through URL; when the scene is already uploaded to the cloud.

Amazon Sumerian is said to have a lot of potential as it can run on HTC Vive, Oculus and even on WebVR. With one of the brightest future this project can be a boost to all the industries inclining towards VR/AR options for growth. Educational Tours, Employee/Military Training, Field Service Enhancement etc would be revolutionized in the coming years. Also, other uprising services like Sansar are the real raw material provider of the Amazon Sumerian, providing the best of models and assets on the web.

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