Top 15 things to do using VR Headset

Top 15 things to do using VR Headset

In today’s world, virtual reality (VR) is trending all over. You must be thinking! What can you do with virtual reality? Want to more about it? Let’s take a deep plunge into the world of VR.

Virtual means computer generated and reality means the truth. So, virtual reality means computer-generated technology. It simulates a three-dimensional sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-layered projects or imaginary environments. Virtual reality (VR) interacts with physically a person using an electronic equipment such as headsets, helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. It generates real sounds, images, and other sensations. Images in VR are supported to your eyes through two small lenses. So, let’s find out more about virtual reality.

In true words, virtual reality is an absolute trendsetter. It gives you true-to-life, superior experiences in learning, laughing, crying as well as exploring different fields. I know you might ask VR is for gaming, right? Well, the answer is not only gaming but there are a whole lot of uses of VR. Things to do using VR Headset are:

  1. Lose yourself in the world of games

Games are the most understanding entertainment for everyone be it adults, youngsters or kids. Games like realistic shooter games, Epic games, Zombie shooters, etc and much more are worth playing.

  1. Fly high like a bird

Flying has always been an ecstatic, motivated experience from birds. VR gives you the free will to fly high in the skies using the headsets.

  1. Travel 

Everyone loves to travel around the world. VR gives you a capability to visit the places which you haven’t or can’t visit in reality, either it’s too expensive or risky or maybe out of your reach due to immobility. VR makes you travel the impossible!

  1. Virtual Cinema

How about watching an awesome movie on Netflix using VR on a bigger screen? Fascinating right! You can even watch your TV show episodes on them.


  1. A 3D art creativity

Create a 3D art like you must have seen in movies like things suspended in the mid-air. There are certain apps available where you can use your brushes to paint in the midair according to your choice. You may use many types of sparklers, flame-spitting; make doodles and drizzles, letters and tags, etc.


  1. Virtually taking a look at your desired college campuses

If you have kids who are of that age, you are definitely going to go through the unnerving duty of traveling to your desired colleges every now and then. Virtual reality, in fact, makes you more comfortable as it lets you take a round on the college campus, in the building. You get the actual feel of it and can also check the dorm room area whether your child’s luggage will fit in.

  1. Imagine your newly built home before building it

You can see your new home which has not yet been built. Thanks to the virtual reality. You can check the furniture, the kitchen and other things which are yet to be built.

  1. Skydiving

Take a breath taking the experience of skydiving. A simulator is used to make your parachute onto the campus, with a headset which provides different sensations to give you the actual kind of feel. Then you jump off a little bit to start. You are actually tied in a centered machine, the one which you see at a fair.

  1. Virtual racing

A well-known racing game known as Project Cars in VR gives the seamless knowledge. Combined with the powerful engine noise and great visuals, it gives a real like the feeling of participating in the actual race. You get almost a giddy practical knowledge of the passing of the buildings, palm trees, and guard rails zooming past you on any side when you are actually trying to concentrate on the road which else would be an artificial racing track in the world. Another game known as Assetto Corsa customs “mixed reality” which means merging in, substituting for animation, whereas the actual video presenting the borderline of the racing track.

  1. Throw yourself in 360 degree videos on You Tube

One of the best places to experience 360 degree videos in VR is on You Tube, obviously. The official You Tube VR channel has a vast array of matter from news events, nature films, music performances, action sports, and racing.

  1. Automotive manufacturing

Car companies are focused on the development of their vehicles using virtual reality. Due to this, the designers, engineers, and employees from different divisions can carefully examine diverse fundamentals like engine, furnishings and identify the hypothetical problems even before they ascend. The employees using a VR headset can check the interior and exterior of a car, as well as can sit inside a car before it is factory-made.

  1. Cycling to stay fit

A cycle-based software also uses a VR headset and a modified turbo trainer (a set of rollers that you would fit your road, hybrid or the mountain bike so, you can work out in the winter months.) An app named as Widerun reconstructs many cities in U.S.A as well as directions across the Alps to make your routine indoor cycling more interesting.

  1. Courtrooms

In the court, the jury members will no more calculate the crime scenes by looking at uninteresting 2D photos. Sighting a crime in 3D using VR will help the jury members imagine how people and the objects, bullets, etc, move through space. Researchers have found out the importance of using the VR headsets to recreate the crime scenes conferred at trials. This cooperating technology made it easy-going for people to envision and know the details of a case and to decide whether the accused was at fault or not.

  1. Shopping

 People are used to the online shopping websites but VR app like Trillenium would take a step ahead in how people buy products online. These apps can provide a virtual tour of a whole store, refining on the original online shopping experience. Shoppers get the actual experience of shopping along with their friends as a substitute of just looking through the catalogs on a website. In future, the shopper will be able to purchase things through their VR headsets online.

  1. Meditation and mental health

Virtual reality does lessen the stress and worries from your everyday life, panic disorders and phobias also stay at bay. VR experience therapy acts as a healing means combining with the medicines, even for the war experts.


Lastly, after knowing many beneficial uses of the virtual reality, I would suggest you to definitely take a plummet in the spellbinding world of VR.

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