VR and its blockages to success

VR and its blockages to success

It’s been a while, that VR bounced back to life from dead. No one likely realized the potential of virtual reality until last decade. Despite steady recognition VR have faced certain limitations in the growth. Why would a scientific and technological advancement of magnitude get resisted?


  • Lack of women participation: The recent researches and studies on VR industry have found that Male to Female ratio in VR development is nearly 80:20. This limits the ideas and creativity produced by the females. Indirectly, the market takes a hit if the products are not stabilized as per multi gender requirements.


  • Qualitative competition: There has been steep decline in the growth of people joining the VR market after “the first movers”, main reason behind it is the technical know-how block and competition with the tech giants.


  • Lack of awareness: One of the biggest hurdles is lack of awareness in the market. The industry has been developing rapidly but the demand hasn’t been up to an expected one. If tech companies help themselves by educating people about VR, they can shot of their sales as well as value.


  • Resistance to change: Change has always been a sour aspect of life may it be a positive one. Thus, replacing present industries with virtual reality is a hard task indeed.


  • The myths attached: Virtual reality also has to face certain myths like its eye straining nature, expensiveness, lacks of user-friendliness etc.

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