VR: The Market Ecosystem and Balance

VR: The Market Ecosystem and Balance

With making the spot in Top 20 fastest-growing skills, VR has adversely expanded its feet in the ecosystem. The content, hardware and people as a whole have grown out of their limits.


From start-ups to technological giants are all interested to enter the VR colony. Facebook acquired Oculus, now shaking hands with MI. Vive and Oculus introducing compact devices than before. Virtuix Omni and Nod labs producing controllers and treadmills adding future to VR. Leap motion giving motion sensor tech to VR. Unity, Unreal, Gameworks etc providing amazing opportunities to all VR developers. And companies like Ubisoft, VisionaryVR etc creating a pool of content.

Also, the start-ups and freelancers have been growing magnificently with over 30 percent scale in their growth and earning last year. Moreover, the Asian countries are holding a strong grip over budget tech and strength in the industry.

Apart from the ecosystem, the VR technology has been under potential due to the imbalance of demand and supply. Here when we talk about a pool of content and content makers versus the hardware providers, the industry had been a bit confusing. Supply of the content has been amusingly high in reference to innovative hardware providers. Even the experts in the field use the pseudo-demand techniques and innovative designs to sell their product in the market.

VR had been changing the gears in a flash which further made it difficult for the people to consume the technology without perfect knowledge of its working and usage. Flooding the industries like education, medical, training, entertainment etc with VR is the only possible option to eliminate the absence of knowledge base in the market for making the VR ecosystem fruitful and flourishing.

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