Warranty Registration

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

1. The product warranty only covers the lenses in the headset starting from the purchase date to next 3 months.

2. Any claim for lenses will only be covered in case of full damages or cracks, no claim will be allowed for the scratches.

3. No warranty claim can be made for any other components of the product i.e. cloth wear and tear, headstrap damages, broken controller or earphones etc.

4. All the claims and inquiries will only be heard and registered via Email provided below.

5. All warrant claims are provided & fullfilled by Vrizm Innovations Pvt Ltd.

6. Please contact on [email protected] to obtain a service request number and shipping instructions, and to determine if this warranty is applied to your case. We cannot accept warranty claims that have not been authorised by us.

7. Under no special circumstances shall Vrizm Innovations Pvt Ltd be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages for any consequential damages, even if we know or is informed that such damages are possible.